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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Really Too Late To Apologize

From the posting on January 6, 2009

On June 30, 2006 it was too late to start "analyzing" me and what was the Plan God had set out for me and the rest of the world.  I had been too disappointed and was hungry and angry.  I am now as hungry and angry as ever.

Since 1996, you were supposed to kill my sister not give Nicole whatever she wanted.  Looking back, I can see that the move to Marina Harbor would not work out because Nicole succeeded in ruining it before I got there.  Do not forget I commanded God's Finger in the sky there.  Genesis changed twice more, I welcomed Muhammad there and the Glowing Beads necklaces prophecy came true.

Why should I care about your children?  My children do not care about me.
I want to single out Jerry MOONBEAM Brown the Attorney General of the state of California.  The people have spoken and they DO NOT want gay marriage to be legal.  We have a right to do that.  They understand Genesis Chapter 2 Verse 24 means boy and girl.  This command comes from the highest authority.   HE CLARIFIED IT.  You want to argue on behalf of gays.  I have not forgotten the Jerry Brown/lesbian joke of years ago.  You are ignorantly attempting to divide this country, you imbecile!

I sent an email to your office.  I think it is much more important that your office investigate who was responsible for obstructing justice in the case of Chris Wallace's murder.  Your office sent me a reply to take it up with the local justice offices.  What a pathetic response.  Was it not Martin Luther King Jr. that asked "How long will Justice be crucified and the Truth buried?"  Do you remember Doctor King?  Apparently not.

It is not my fault that too many enemies co opted what was the Plan and ruined it.  My enemies should be defeated.  God told me many years ago "It will not be easy but you can do it."  I had no idea that people in the United States would go against me even though I would be called upon to avert TWO predicted apocalypses after suffering for all of you for decades.

The Catholic Church has been on the clock for a long time.  The crop circle at Etchilhampton was divine proof that the sign from God I predicted in San Diego would appear within three days. 

I am absolutely astounded that no one has responded adequately to me.  You are all so freakishly out of line I can barely put into words.  You dared me to cut myself off from the support I had but none of you were there to help me out.  You cannot get me to care by staring at me and constantly asking me about my car.  I live in that car now.  I hope you are all embarassed now.  Where is the help?  I cannot seem to get any because all of you seem to think in terms of "what about me?" and "what if something bad happens if I help you?"  I have been kinder to so many of you than any of you have been to me.  I am now wasting away.

Do not go to see the movie "Notorious."  You will only be giving money to Chris' enemies.  Wait for it on cable.

I saw my shape-shifting Daddy today.  He still has fangs under his caps and his irises were sorta grayish, murky blue.  I am not sure what that shade of shape-shifter eye color means. 

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