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Monday, October 18, 2010

On the Path

First posted September 25, 2008

Dear You Know Who,

I want you to know I remember the bad things you said about my friend Matthew.  I have not forgotten that you judged him badly.  Who are you to accuse him of sins?  Look who's talking!

He is one of my best friends, if not my best.  You are my enemy.  Do you understand the difference?  Probably not.  Let me explain it.

I have been good friends with him since 1983.  He has helped me on numerous occasions and I have helped him.  We talk all the time.  We spend a lot of time together.  We have helped each other survive through a lot of tough times.  We have witnessed and discussed a lot of what is really going on in this world.  He might seem like a strange person to many people and he is not perfect, but I trust him more than anyone I know.

You and I are not friends.  He and I talk about you and your friends behind your back now.  I have tried to explain to him all the terrible things you and your friends have done.  You have acknowledged my presence when you were on stage, when I went to your shows.  In retrospect, I just threw a lot of money away for nothing.  You and your friends only made my life more painful and complicated.  I know Hollywood might really want a happy ending out of me but they will not get it.  They are the biggest hypocrites.  I do not believe that is what the Book of Matthew means as far as taking my place along side you.  I have lived alongside all too many of you for decades.

You reminded me, like others did, that I said I would go to a booby trapped room.  I did and I survived.  You challenged me to go on a series of other suicide missions.  You thought you and I should have a suicide pact.  Well?  I did my part.  When are you going to go on a suicide mission for me?  I think it is long overdue.  You have been living the high life for far too long.  In person you are a complete disaster.  No one understands how much I despise you.  It is too late for you to take the bullet in the leg for me.  Your time is ticking away. 

Remember the lights in the sky.  Year Zero is almost over.  Remember that I testified against all of you at ComicCon in San Diego.  I called that convention the Epicenter of Hypocrisy.  Notice how there was an earthquake that almost everyone felt in Southern California the next day.  Notice the crop circles that appeared right after that day.  There are no coincidences here.  Those all happened for a reason. 

I think it is really strange that there are so many well-known, good looking ladies that are a part of my story but are not a part of my life.  Most of these girls where in high school when I saved you the first time.  And by the way Kathy Griffin, two emmys?  I would call that making a come back.

Say Goodnight!

P.S.  If in fact the Federation is going to appear on Oct. 14 I am willing to speak with them.  My choice is that they take me away, there should be a place out there where they really know how to appreciate me, and leave the rest of you behind to keep on destroying the world the same way you have been doing for decades.  I cannot reverse the damage that has been going on for so long.  I doubt you will get the twisted scenario you might want where they screw you to death.

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