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Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Message for Islamic Brothers and Sisters

Placed on my old blog on September 27, 2008

Know this:  I had called for the healing of the rifts and divisions within Islam in 2006.  I wholeheartedly endorse and support these brave efforts.  There has been great progress in this area and this work must continue.  May God bless all of those that seek to unite true-believers together in peace.

I was reading through my copy of the Qur'an recently.  The following passages seemed very much on point with what is happening in my life right now and in the world at large.  From the surah  LUQMᾹN:

When the waves, like giant shadows, envelop them, they pray to God with all devotion.  But no sooner does He bring them safe to land than some of them falter between faith and unbelief.  None will deny Our revelations except the treacherous and the ungrateful.

Men, fear your Lord, and fear the day when no parent shall avail his child nor any child his parent.  God's promise is surely true.  Let the life of this world never deceive you, nor let the Dissembler trick you about God.

God alone has knowledge of the Hour of Doom.  He sends down the abundant rain and knows what every womb contains.

No mortal knows what he will earn tomorrow; no mortal knows where he will breathe his last.  God alone is omniscient and take cognizances of all things.

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