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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Worst Joke In The World - Got Worse

For your viewing pleasure ever since September 29, 2008

Around 1995, Tupak Shakur and some friends go down to Argentina to visit Motherfucking Cyber Hitler.

Tupak: Hey motherfucker, what's up?

MFCH: I want you to kill the Jewish one.

Tupak: You mean Benjamin, quien es Jesus, el R 13, el Salvador, el Coyote, y Chupacabra numero uno?

MFCH: Yes I want you to kill him.

Tupak: What's in it for me?

MFCH: I will make you famous.

Tupak: You'll make ME famous?

MFCH: Yes, I will make you famous.

Nicole: What's in it for me?

MFCH: I know he chose you long ago.  Attempt to steal everything he has.  Deceive him into spending all his money and ruining his credit while he chases after you and your friends while people try to kill him.

Nicole: That's it?

MFCH: First you must seduce his upstairs neighbor.  Torture him by forcing him to listen to you getting your ass slammed by the handsome muscular man.

Nicole: What else?

MFCH: Pretend you do not know he is.  Convince fools to steal and destroy his things.  Anything else evil you can come up with is your choice.

Victoria: What about me?

MFCH: Persist in telling him you have powerful witch friends.  Allow him to take you to bed.  Try to kill him in bed.  Don't tell anyone what happened.  If he survives, convince him you will do what he tells you to do.

Victoria: Then what?

MFCH: Don't do what he tells you to do.  See if you can work together with Nicole.

Professor Higgs: I don't believe in any of this.

MFCH: Of course you don't.  See if you can create you own destroy the world plan.

Christina: What do I get?

MFCH: You are in for a surprise.

Fergie: What about me?  I thought I was on the list?

MFCH: Whoa, girl.  Just take your time.

Fergie: That doesn't make any sense.

MFCH: I know.

Sarah: Don't I get anything?

MFCH: He likes you.  Stay away from him.

Shape-Shifter Prince: Can I fly in the cloud tube with him?

MFCH: Yes.  People will follow him around and you will know which flights he is on.  That will be easy to arrange.

Snoop: What should I do?

MFCH: Organize the Ho's.  Work with Nicole to assemble an army of Ho's to interfere with all he does.  Spend as much time with the Ho's as you can.

Snoop: I heard dat!

MFCH: That's what I'm talking about.

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