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Monday, October 4, 2010

Support Our Troops

from MySpace blog May 20, 2008

Please support the troops.
I know many of you do not.
That is shameful.
US troops not only have aided people who have been oppressed,
But they often go to places like Myanmar
Where people desperately need help
And the government does not really cooperate.
I ask that you also support the Iraqi troops
They are facing a difficult battle to build a peaceful society.
A prominent Iraqi official recently asked that we not abandon his country
And allow it to become like Somalia.
If you have not heard
The Somali coast is a haven for pirates
People who capture boats and hold them for ransom.
In a perfect world, this would never happen.
But this world is not perfect
And therefore we need troops on land, sea, and air
To protect the innocent
From the wolves that would take from them.
There is nothing worse than having to bury your children
Except for surrendering the achievements of our ancestors.
Abandoning troops that have risked their lives for others
Is about as small minded as any people can be.
War is hell!
But until we somehow find the way to get past our past pains, injuries, and back wards thinking
We will need people in uniform to protect us from harm.
Keep up the good work.

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