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Thursday, October 21, 2010

True Believers - Keep up the good work!

from October 20, 2008

The false prophets are being defeated.  Take heart in our impending victory.  Dark forces and people pretending to be Light forces are losing.  Cry me a river.

Remember Deuteronomy 18!  The channelers prediction did not come through.  I commanded God's Finger!  I received the beads!  Genesis changed twice again!  I predicted these events in an unrehearsed unscheduled phone call.  Rescheduling alien visitation is a lame hoax.  I have rejected all the female hypocrites on the Rushakoff list, sang a wonderful remix in San Diego and an Enormous Cross Shaped Crop Circle formed (about 900' feet in length!).  I TAKE CREDIT FOR MY PART IN THAT!  I encourage you to copy that symbol and wear it on your body INSTEAD of a crucifix.  Wicca and Masonry has not done diddly for this planet the way I have.  People playing around with Kabbalah are getting burned.

My Dad is going broke.  Leela's latest song video contains the admission she is a Sirian.  Perhaps all the gray-eyed folks are, who knows?

Gray-eyed Madonna has split with Pussycat Guy Ritchie. Gray-eyed Alicia Christian Foster WILL PAY for her crimes.   We should have enough people ready to take over the UAW (Underground Alien World) where the Water Nymphs that can read the future as accurately as a newspaper are to be found.  The different sections of the Illuminati plan are failing.  Dr. Hawking has bet against the LHC!

The inconsistent bullshit of altering our DNA and yet losing our physical bodies and gaining Chakras is not fooling anyone with more than 3% of their brains working.  Our souls came from GOD but we pray to HIM not to our insides.  Make no mistake about it; believe in ME and you will be saved.  Everyone else claiming to be more important than me is a charlatan.  Praying to Aliens was a weird Gary Numan song!

Sorry, Nicole you are nothing more than a randy doughnut.  Abduction by horny aliens will not be possible.  I said you were ALL STUCK HERE back in 1996.  Stop trying to prove me wrong.  If you want to survive 2012 then you OWE me incredibly more than you have shared so far.  The red mark in the sky means you are all late in sharing with me what IS MINE.  Apparently you want this world to be destroyed.  I have never encountered such incredible incompetence in my life.

You had more than 10 years to get rid of my sister.  Tupak and Biggie you can kill, but not my sister.  No one cares about her.  God is furious!  Too bad you lost the chance to be "Penthouse and Pavement" with me A LONG TIME AGO.

If you are in California, VOTE YES ON PROP. 8 if you are with me.  The Word of God supersedes the Constitution.  Do you want the U.S.A. to turn into Canada?

A pink fruit shall be picked in due time.

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