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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What? Don't You Want Me?

Originally posted on Sept. 8, 2008 (That is more than two years ago!)

To my friend Pope Benedict, and other representatives of the Catholic Church

I am very happy to see the work you have been doing to improve the Church and ensure that the mistakes of the past will not be repeated.

The original plan was that the Church was to be my bride. I feel very close to the Church and sense the Church is ready for me. It is time that we work much more closely together. There have been many signs in the sky, on the ground, and in different places in the seas that we need each other more than ever. I also believe the recent plane crash in Madrid is a divine act based on my averse reaction to their courts receiving the lawsuit from the alleged descendants of the Knights Templar. You are not to give one ounce to these people. Only God and I may adjudicate this matter. I am the last Templar. They would have to give it back to me anyways.

May God Bless you, Pope Benedict. You have taken my instructions since June of 2006 and interpreted them very well. I could not be more pleased that an institution as large as the Church has done such good work in improving itself in such a short time period. It is not surprising that some people have reacted callously to your efforts. Many people have a difficult time with forgiveness.

I recently attended a service at City of the Angels. I was pleased to hear Cardinal Mahony state that "Jesus is here with you." I cannot be covered up any longer. We must join together in the Holy Mission Our Lord gave me to Save the World.

My time in California must come to a close soon. I never anticipated I would live here forever. I need to retrieve my belongings from storage and find a suitable place to live so that my soul can be at peace. I really do not need extravagance to live and be happy, but as your King I do deserve some reward for all of the efforts and suffering I have been forced to endure. I have seen tremendous progress in different parts of the world. I am also seeing many things that must be improved as soon as possible.

Being the Messiah is no longer a secret identity proposition. It is unfortunate that young ladies could not assist me even though I was given the impression that they wanted to. Obviously my requests and needs have been grossly disregarded for over twelve years. The time for Charades is over. The only way I see of dealing with this predicament is to leave America permanently. America can keep my biological family, friends that abandoned me, the show business industry that made enormous wealth off my life and suffering, and the people that are too proud or too ashamed to give me what I needed so long ago. I cannot live in a place with legal gay marriages.

I know there are many things we can discuss together but I am certain you agree with me that "If you want peace you must work for justice." I am certain we can discuss these matters at length. I look forward to greeting you in person.

Your Truly,

Jesus Krishna

PS.  Gwen Stefani, take off the cross.  You are not fooling anyone.

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