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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Silly Ho Aguilera

Unloaded on September 4, 2008

You have really missed the point.  You are nothing more than a really silly ho; a chicken head.  I am not sure you would understand what is going on in the world if God himself came down and shoved his big you-know-what up your twat.  Why does your baby have red hair?  Maybe you should send that stupid schmuck you call your husband to speak on your behalf since you make no sense at all.  Then again, I explained myself to the stupid tree people in Berkeley and they still have not left the premises completely. I am not sure if you are moronic as them or not.

Here are some things you might want to think about in the near future.  Call these meditation exercises or things to reflect on.  These just might activate the grey matter that might be in your brain.

You were a little girl with big dreams when I saved the world the first time back in 1996. You just might have died if Bible Code came true.  Have you read Bible Code II?  These are "used books" now.

I survived the trip to Houston after a series of miracles before the first note dropped on your Back to Basics tour.  You're welcome!

It's a Man's World.

Benazir Bhuto.

Lady Di.

Natalie Portman.

Anna Nicole Smith.

Nicole Brown Simpson.

Charlie Sheen.

R. Kelley's attorney.

Burma and Ahn San Suu Kyi.

Georgia on my mind.

Take a step in my shoes.

Pointing at me in Cleveland.  The drive through the snowstorm.

Actions speak louder than words.

People are people.

If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

There is always a reason not to do something.

There is always a reason someone can come up with not to believe, even when the evidence to believe is higher than any mountain.

The drunken Frankenstein you did during Fighter.  I forget which city that was in.

The roadkill cats I have seen along the way the last few years.

The pogo in Raleigh.

What Sofia's mother did and did not do.

What Gloria did and did not do.

The merry-go-round in San Jose.

The Eva Braun bitch in San Jose that would not let a sober man have a ginger ale.

The last Heavy Metal magazine that apparently stars your son as a tattooed hero that kills bad people.

Why there is a world for you to buy the Ozzie Osborne house in.

Why anyone should care what you think about voting in the coming election.

Why you have to work as hard as you do to get some attention in the United States.

I like your new hat.

Can I threaten to sell a house if I want to take a bath with you?

How you can claim that you have cleaned up your act when you still sing the Dirty songs.

Your trip to the Far East.

My aborted trip to Toronto.

The Salute outside San Diego.

Finger in the sky.

The streak in the sky after I saw Gwen Stefani and met Heidi.


The Jesus face on the wood plank that someone got when they bought an easel in Arizona.

The Orange Man in Orange county.

The Statues at Crystal Cathedral.

What happened to Xzibit's baby.

Dr. Dre's son.

Biggie's family and friends.

Why Chris Geisler decided to throw me out on the street because I ate the muffins he served.

The vision of the rainbow winking out.

The recent red streak I saw.

The last blue streak I saw after that.

Why money, not love, makes the world go 'round.

How the hero of every faith and path has ALWAYS been a man.  Please do not tell me you are waiting to show up after I die.

Where the hell you have been the last seven years if you think I am your hero.

Why are you waiting for Britney Spears to do anything on my behalf.

Why should I take my place amongst hypocrites when I have lived amongst them my whole life and they never really did shit for me.

Why I should give a damn about anyone after a long series of broken promises.

Why my friends think I am an idiot.  Why they try to second guess me after the facts are in.

Why everyone screws me over and rips me off.

Why Mr. Reeves became famous.

Why women always try to bend, break, or rewrite the rules.  Why women get off on not listening to men.

Why you do not like being barked at.  Who is really barking at you.

Who your son really looks like.

Why he has the same birthday as my mom.

Why Jodie Foster has to die.

Why Neelam must be decapitated.

Why Nicole must die.

Why my sister has to die.

Why my daddy has to die.

Why my daddy feels things hit him on the head when I talk to him in person.

Why he talks nasty shit to me about "I should have cut you off years ago."

Why Jon Turteltaub has to die.

What happened to Kamil.

The crop circles that have appeared this year alone.

My fault?  Why is it my fault?

I never had that problem before.

Of course he's not like other guys, that's why he's the . . .

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