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Thursday, October 21, 2010

You Are Going To Hell!

posted on October 15, 2008

There is a group of people out there, they may not be affiliated very closely, but I want all of them to know you are going to Hell.

They are the group I call the "Jesus Never Existed" people.  All of you are going to Hell!

Jews know Jesus existed but for many reasons did not accept him.  He is not a part of their religious rituals but most, if not all, are in agreement with much of what he said.

Christians obviously know Jesus existed.

Muslims know there was a Jesus for Muhammad mentioned him several times in the Qur'an.

Historians may have differing opinions about when, where, how, and why of Jesus but most certainly understand there was a Jesus.  There is more than enough evidence that he traveled in different parts of the world we call Asia.

I see him when I look in the mirror.

Tell me I do not exist?  I could tell you of a whole host of MODERN HOLY SITES that are important in my life story since 1963!  Jesus deniers; your scourge will be terrible, indeed!

P.S. The "precise coordinates" for where I lived when a few Miracles took place.
geo:lat=33.970855930951124 geo:lon=-118.45005422830581

Where I lived before the above coordinates, predicted the Miracles, and many crazy things took place for about 10 years before.
geo:lat=34.061216961221504 geo:lon=-118.34942579269409

GE them yourself!

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