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Thursday, October 21, 2010

American Jewish Women - The Bane of My Existence

from the post of October 14, 2008

I do not date a lot of American Jewish Women.  They are the bane of my existence.  Most think I have a bad attitude or they tell me I am like the Messiah.  I like the way they say those things to me.

Remember I am Jewish, I always have been and I always will be.

American Jewish Women, except for the orthodox women, are destroying Judaism.  They prefer to date goyim.  They think they know a lot about Judaism but they forget who saved them in the first place.  They tell me things like I need to go on a suicide mission and think I belong somewhere else.  It is all of you that would be somewhere else if not for me. 

American Jewish women like telling my Radioactive Man jokes, think I am something "magical," want my Jeep Liberty more than me, get rich and famous then denounce the world that loves them for their youth and large chest.  They tell me lies about how much they thought of my mother but treat me like dreck.  They did not even bother coming to her shiva.  They wanted to seduce my shape-shifting Daddy.  They need to be in Israel to feel Jewish.  They become rabbis and change prayers to fit a feminist agenda and preside over marriages of homosexuals.  That is heresy but they need that explained to them.  They think I should work for their temple.  They have not kept up with the changes in the Torah I said would happen.  They put themselves ahead of me.  They socialize with my sister.

I don't believe in you and I don't believe in you.  And you and you and you and you and you I don't believe.  Rabbi Shemai, if he were alive today, would beat the crap out of all of you and I wonder why I don't do the same.

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