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Friday, October 22, 2010

You Can Panic Now

posted October 29, 2008

You are going to die.

Deal with it.

None of you know how to love me. 

I did what I said I would do.  None of you did what you should have done.  Indecision has consequences, too.  I guess none of you really did think this through.  I already have countless dead souls riding on me.  I would try to save you but I am not interested in doing that anymore.  All the girls ran away.  You made me the horror I am.  You want to match me up with a celebutard.  You think I have to fall from grace to save you.  You think I must compromise my integrity for you. 

I am prepared to take it out on all of you very soon.  There is already a "big hole" in Los Angeles.  It occurred on March 9, 1997.  Officially, Chris Wallace got killed in front of about 40 people and no one really gave a damn about stopping the guy who did it.  Disposing of him did not stop what is wrong with this world one single bit.  But you dudes wanted to get blow jobs from a shape shifter with fake teeth.  You all should be ashamed.

Evil has won.  I gave all of you several ways you could help me out.  You did none of them.  All you wanted was more material for movies, albums and television shows.  Day after day I have been waiting.  You think I should be Waiting for Portman or something.  Maybe Denise Richards will stop shopping.  Jesus will get money from somewhere. You never considered my health, my knees, my back, or how I felt.  You finally broke Jesus.

You think Jesus Krishna should be assassinated.  I am the only one who can do that.  I will very soon.  I want God to destroy all of you now.  You believed that one of these days someone like Gloria, Carla, Nicole, Christina, Sarah, Denise, Neelam, Jeanine, Lauren, Victoria or maybe some other girl would be willing or able to help me.  Maybe if one of them stayed the night and could do something besides fail me or hurt me.  Keep making bobblehead dolls.

I said that John Paul II would appear in a flame and he did.

I said Muhammad would visit and he did.

I said that there would be two more changes in Genesis and there were.  This is on top of the changes to Genesis Chapter 49, the shortening of the Book of Daniel, and the removal of the evil Benjaminite kings.  No one has ever been a part of ANYTHING like that before.  I never told anyone to edit and reprint the Bible the way I wanted.  That is where all the other versions fall short of me.

I said I would receive Glowing Beads and I did.

I have found a number of May 7, 1960 people and they are lunatics just like Khomeini and my sister.

I said I would be able to get my shape shifting father's eyes to change color instantaneously and I did.

I said I would impregnate Christina remotely.  Sorry, I had Lyme Disease.  What was I thinking?

Catholic nuns think I am "a problem."  Hindus do not find me easily recognizable, even though Deepak calls me the one you cannot ignore.  Maybe if Deepak did not ignore me or inform you I am the Voice of Kalki you would behave properly.  Finger in the Sky was your warning.  You fools did not heed the warning and waited for me to be evicted.  That was not a good thing.

Keep praying for alien lifeforms.  I knew about alien lifeforms when I was still in high school.  I cleared out the spaceships in 1996 with some help.

Nicole, I am still waiting to see if you can save your Sugar Daddy Steve Fosset or Neelam Vashi because a shape shifting succubus curse like you thinks she can.  It should not matter to anyone that you are HOTT and people like you.  Who are you to tell me who to save and whom to beat up?  

The rest of you follow me around and stare.

The only good shape shifter is a dead one!

Can I retire?  NO! 

Can I quit?  YOU BETCHA!

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