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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Band of Brothers

shared with everyone on May 29, 2008

I remember back in the day
When I was accepted to my alma mater
Where I had no place to live
For at least two years.
I wanted to live close to campus
And make a lot of friends quickly
In the great big sea of diverse humanity.
A band of brothers accepted me
Gave me a place to live
And I performed many roles for this social fraternity.
They quickly realized that I was more than willing
To assume any responsibility.
No task was too big to tackle
And no issue was too unimportant for me to care about.
I became their hatchet man.
I did all the hard and dirty work no one else wanted to do.
They told me they would be my friends for life and
That my best friend for life would be one of the guys that
Joined up when I joined up.
I was very popular and very well respected in that house.
While I made my way through the hallways, pitfalls, and academic traps
I fought as best I could for what God wanted from me
In my spare time and sleeping hours.
That scared my brothers.
I have not heard much from these brothers lately.
A few of them wanted me to die.
After I made one mistake some of the very popular brothers
Told me to leave that home.
I am not very popular with them anymore.
Like most people I know
They just want me to go away.
I do not chase them down and beg them
To be my friends.
Why should I?
They really do not want anything to do with me
Because I did not get married and have kids
And have a normal life like they did.
It must be all my fault.

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