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Friday, October 22, 2010


from October 24, 2008

I go to bed alone like I have for about twenty years.  My body is transported to another dimension and I encounter the aliens that implanted the hologram in my buttocks in 1984.  They look like something out of a movie and have an incredible amount of empathy etched on their faces.  This time they do not force anything into me but allow me to converse with them. Although I do not have a Universal Translator on my person I am able to speak with them.  They beg me to help them and after forgiving them for the long ago assualt I agree to work with them.

We travel through space and we rescue several planets in Sector 1714.  Everytime we land the natives are ecstatic to see me.  Although there are several complex calamities threatening the survival of each world we work together to solve each problem in a very short time period.  At the end of each visit I promise the inhabitants I will return in a short time.  They are all incredibly thankful and they all shower me with gifts.  However, since I do not want to be weighed down with all of the opulence I agree to keep only a small portion of what they offer and ask them to make use of these things where they are so that future generations can benefit from them.

After succeeding in saving twelve worlds we agree to return to Earth.  What we encounter is appalling but not surprising.  We arrive around the year 2017 and the Nibiru calamity has destroyed most of the life as we know it on Earth.  About half the planet is mostly barren and the other half looks like a sewage treatment plant.  The survivors are doing everything to restore the planet to its pristine glory.

Upon closer scan we find that the planet's population is split upon neo-religious lines.  Even though there are no real miracles taking place I find some of their rituals and symbols shocking and amusing.  Earth has now become unequivocal about how it views me.  I am completely reviled by everyone on Earth.  I am the Zero, not the One.

We first witness a myriad of neo-pagan faiths in the former Pacific Island regions.  Each sect has its own Queen/Saint/Mother Rainbow Pineapple Head Figure.  Nicole's is the most prominent, followed by Christina and Denise figureheads.  These figureheads all have a multitude of very large mammary glands, have a myriad of weapons in their many hands and are situated on a very hairy version of myself that is bleeding from their attacks.  All of these figureheads have many men who stand guard around them and their many children.  Two thirds of Nicole's depictions have her with her mouth wide open and a quantumn singularity inside it.  Small aircraft, balls, junk, and money are along the event horizon.  The central creed of each of these paths is that the Creator has forsaken them and that they seek the wisdom of each of these maidenheads for guidance in destroying the Creator and other religions.  I vomit in disgust at the end of this tour and we move on to see the others in the hope I find something more palatable.

In what remains of North America there is a bizarre type of free for all chaos path of Satanic Anarchy.  My sister is the maidenhead of this loosely cohesive type of faith, if you can call it that.  This is a very aggressive form of lifestyle that might overtake what population is left on the globe, if its adherents were not so busy fighting with themselves.  Most depictions of her consist of her astride me without any clothes on as she pounds my lifeless head into the ground.  This depiction makes me laugh as it brings back so many memories of her mental abuse but she was never able to extinguish me in reality.  In this time frame people give her credit for killing me and there is no such thing as written Scripture let alone a Source of its beginning.  Capricious women run this part of the world and men are reduced to masturbating for their amusement.  I notice there is a small rebelious contingent that consider Mary J. Blidge to be their true prophet.


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