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Friday, October 22, 2010

You have it all backwards

Was posted October 22, 2008

Where are my Gopi's At?

Gopis are supposed to SERVE me.  They bring me everything I need.  They do not just stare at me.  They do not just take my things and run with them.  They do not steal from me.  They do not abuse me.  They treat me like I am their King.  They are not embarrassed to show their faces.  They would do what I tell them to do right away.  They believe in me.  They do not tell me what to do. They do not make me chase them.  They rush to assist me.  They do not make me worry about bills.  They would kill anyone that would try to kill me.  They do not tell me who to kill.  They do not ever believe loving me is someone else's responsibility.

A Messianic update:

Where I live now is a very good spot for spotting meteor showers.  Lately I have seen at least one "light" in the sky the past few nights.  These are somewhat ambiguous in nature.  They look like Perseids and like some lights I have seen before.  These are what I call inconclusive signs, to be perfectly honest. 


P.S. Separated at birth: Barak Obama and Lewis Hamilton.  Nicole: what do they taste like?

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