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Saturday, October 16, 2010

End of the World - Postponed another two months

Originally written on September 20, 2008

OOOPS!  LHC down for 2 months.

/sarcasm on

Oh, my.  Finding it a bit difficult being God are we?

I suppose it is appropriate.  We really don't know how many times God attempted before He succeeded in creating THIS existence.  For all we know He tried several times to create a really good Universe and even this one is flawed.

I admit I feel some satisfaction at your difficulties.  When I look around this world I see millions of people who are starving.  Millions who live day to day.  Millions who are at the mercy of politicians and generals who think of them as wastes of space that hardly ever do what you want them to do.  Millions of people here and there that would kill each other because they have different belief systems.  And then there are the CERN people, who seemingly ignore all that and look up into the sky and wonder "Where did all this stuff come from? Can we make something like that ourselves?"

I wonder how many tries you will go through this exercise, so much like attempting to get that old used automobile that looks so good on the outside up and running, before you realize this is all a waste of time and money?  If you were able to figure out the composition of gravity, what good would it do?  Figure out a way to defy it?  Would that help out the world?  We would be much better off in this fallen world if we could just float above it?

/sarcasm off

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