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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OMG! I'm Totally Freaking Out.

Put up on May 22, 2008

Two of my all-American teenage friends...

Tina: Oh My God! I'm totally freaking out now.

Amy: Why?

Tina: Another old lady just came back from the dead.

Amy: ACK! No huway!

Tina: Seriously!

Amy: Again?

Tina: Yes! She like died. She had this operation and the doctors gave her a 10% chance and she didn't make it.

Amy: What?

Tina: They had her on life support.  They were going to donate her organs or something. She had no brain activity for almost 18 hours.  Her family started praying for her and all that.

Amy: Oh My God! No huway.

Tina: Seriously.  And the nurses started disconnecting the life support and she woke up.

Amy: ACK! Just like that other lady did.

Tina: I know! And this lady is all like "I'm blessed.  God has a plan for me."

Amy: Another miracle lady came back from the dead? I'm totally freaking out now.

Tina: Me, too.  What are we gonna do?

Amy: What can we do? This is happening so often now.

Tina: Didja see where those guys thought they were gonna crash and they landed near that "Jesus is Lord" sign.

Amy: Stop it! You're totally freaking me out now.

Tina: Oh My God.  This is so weird. 

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