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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Remembering 9/11

from September 11, 2008

Was there something sinister about September 11th 2001?

Yes, of course there was.  People know there was something wrong about the towers that ate people.  If you open your eyes there was not much difference between September 11th and December 7th (Pearl Harbor).

Both of these events were anticipated and were designed to attack America.  They both had the effect of waking America up from its slumber.  Both got America so riled up it went kicking and screaming to war.

World War II was that important to the world.  If Hitler was not stopped he might have fulfilled his dream of dominating the world.  He said the Third Reich would last for a thousand years.  Talk about an unfortunate choice of words.  He burned holy books but had an obsession with holy relics. 

We are still unsure how many people died because of Hitler.  According to records from the Soviet era more than 25,000,000 people died.  Then add all the people who fought against him from other countries.  Then add all the people exterminated in the concentration camps.  Then add all the other civilians who died.  I would also add the soldiers and people who were his allies.  Then think about what it took to get World War II to end.  But the fighting did not really end.  And it is true; Hitler escaped.

Ruhallah Khomeini was Haman.  True Muslims know this.  After his illegal Islamic Revolution started over a million people died.  And they are still fighting in that part of the world.  Everything that came from Khomeini was bad.  I knew there had to be some way to stop him.  God told me about him before he came to power.  He tried to kill me while he was in exile.  I never dreamed as many people would die in this fight against his evil plan.  And do not think for a moment that Hitler did not know about Khomeini some 60 years ago.  Many people you might not expect were admirers of Hitler.  That is how evil some people are.  They attempt to work together but they are usually trying to find ways of dominating or eliminating each other.  Kind of like the way the Decepticons do not really trust each other.

The attack on the twin towers was not unprecedented.  Someone tried to blow up the towers from the garage years before.  The attack in Oklahoma City was a more devastating version of that type of attack.

Of course I never wanted so many good people to die.  But so many people have misdirected anger that they are willing to kill many innocent people in a bizarre method to reach heaven.  People who follow what Khomeini taught DO NOT go to Heaven.  They go to a terrible place, I assure you.  It is the most horrendous sin that people in Persia are still venerating such an evil man.  It is Khomeini that should be burned in effigy.  Khomeini was the enemy of Muhammad.

This is the irony of being me.  I knew there was an enemy of mine on TWA flight 800.  I did not want that plane to blow up but it did.  I never deserved any of the attacks against me, and yet they still happened.  More and more people who meet me in person have opened their eyes to me.  And many more seem to run away.

Why were there attacks around the date July 11th of 2006? Why did Nicole try to sucker me into predicting a 7/11 series of disasters?  Why did her friend Neelam Vashi know the term "7/11" was something to be feared.  Because both of them are evil.  I had my first clue in 1977.  By 1996, I knew I was in trouble because of them.  I just never knew how bad it was going to get.

Why are there so many dictators and self-proclaimed revolutionaries in this world?  Because they are wrong and people are unwilling or unable to stop them.  On the other hand, left to their own devices people will vote for something that is entirely opposed to what God wants.  Some people must think I go around everyday turning rocks into bread or enjoy running on water for your amusement.  That was 2,000 years ago and those things happened once.  This is all getting really old.  I am not getting any younger. 

It is not you that is waiting for Jesus.  It is me that is waiting for you.  Stop fighting and copulating so much.  If you want a big family, adopt!

Or you can go back to trying to figure out where Bono, Madonna, and Britney Spears figure into all of this.

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